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Can anyone else releate to this?

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Hi everyone

Does anyone else here ever get the really intense OCD/Anxiety/Panic type dreams that seem to drag on forever following a traumatic event or stressor in their lives?. I'm not talking about normal dreams (or even nightmares) but rather an OCD/Anxiety/Panic-filled "dream-state" where there is some imaginary (and very complex) problem that your brain is trying to solve?. I get these at times and wake up feeling like my brain has been running on turbo and feel dazed, exhausted and filled with terrible anxiety when I wake up and the feeling can last for part of the day sometimes. These dreams (if thats what they are - and I assume they are because I am asleep when they happen) always occur in the early morning hours and most are not based on anything that is actually going on in my life (or even possible) while some are only very loosely based. I do have plenty of dreams and nightmares but these are different because in them, I am burning up tons of brain-power obsessively trying to solve some imagined problem to the point where it completely consumes me.

Prior to the latest bout of these dream-like things, I was doing just great. Life was good. I found a new hobby that I was really getting into and enjoying, I had lots of different projects going on and I saw a very bright future ahead. I even managed to deal with a number of really big stressors in my life and put them behind me once and for all. I begun to feel like I was finally picking myself up by my bootstraps and getting somewhere. Then something happened that was extremely traumatic and stressfull to me and it was all downhill from there. That always seems to be what triggers these dream-like things.

I also wanted to mention that am a middle-aged male with a long history of GAD, Panic Disorder, OCD, Hypochondria, Depression and (my latest diagnosis) Bi-Polar Disorder. Over the years, I have been on dozens of different meds, seen many different specialists and have had hundereds of different tests which always seem to come back normal.

Hoping someone here can relate to this and provide some input. Thanks so much for reading!.

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I definitely get something similar. But for me it's caused by my meds, they also give med sleep paralysis which is tiring as all fuck and makes me wake up dead tired. It's always worse when I'm half awake and half alseep.


Anyways this sounds very stressfull and I hope you find a way to lessen it.

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