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2 years-relapsed-cause turned out to be nothing....

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So I just relapsed after 2 years. Some of you may have seen my exboyfriend post. WELL he unfriended me on facebook-probably because of some stuff I was going through that may have been over the top. And I sent him a message and friend request. He ignored me.... so I thought. And that hurt me bad because I have no friends. I felt like he was gonna ditch me like everyone else does.Turns out due to it being 4th of July he was out really late but his computer was left on so it LOOKED like he had seen the message but he didn't. At least that's what he's saying. And he's on his phone. So I cut for nothing. It was for nothing.... But it felt so good to do it. T_T I don't think I can stop now. 

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It may have not been for nothing. He had this exgirlfriend who tried to kill him. Now he's afraid of talking to exs....I knew this would happen. I knew from the moment we met that if I dated him I might lose him forever. And look. UGH. Fine T_T if that's how he wants it that's how it'll be.

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I'm so sorry you felt bad enough to relapse, Flower. I have not read your other post, but I will shortly, so that I can understand where you're coming from. It's hard to become separate from exes. It really hurts when someone unfriends you on facebook, it feels especially cold. So, I can understand how rough it must have felt when he unfriended you. 


Why do you say you can't stop cutting again? You made it two years, that's wonderful! This one relapse doesn't undo two years worth of coping strategies. 


What have you done in the past when you wanted to cut? You must have some great strategies to be able to make it two years. :)

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I echo Para's thought that one slip does not have to be a full-blown relapse. 


It is easy to feel disheartened if you cut after not doing so for two years, but we all slip up on occasion.  Two years is great progress! 


If you made it two years without self-harming, then you must have found some ways of coping that really work for you.  Perhaps you can challenge yourself to try some other coping strategies in the moment.

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