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30 year veteran of MI

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I signed myself in at age 14 under the advise of a teacher and guidance counselor.  I'm old enough and have been hospitalized enough times to remember the days of the 'zine sisters' and the jokes; 'Hey I had two women yesterday, Stella in the morning and Thora at night', and many more.


The days of longer hospitalizations/stays are largely gone and the days of forced medications are slowly and surely going away. 


The younger mentally ill have options my age group never had.  They also have a more tolerant and understanding public compared to my young adulthood.


I'm older than many of the young psychiatrists I have had to train properly! and I do better with an older psychiatrist as they know the deal and don't try to give me false hope rather treatment for today and living today.


But one thing missing in today's newer treatment is the human touch.  Therapy is not the mainstay rather meds which is fine but meds and therapy work together.  A good therapist is sometimes almost as nutty as the client!  and shares a little about their own craziness.  Therapists today, the young ones are too concerned about saying the right thing instead of saying what helps.  It takes a few years for most to become effective therapists. 


I facilitate a peer support group for gay men living with mental illness. It's free, meets twice a month and we have our regulars and everyone knows your name, kinda like Cheers only without the alcohol. 


I still live daily with severe symptoms of mental illness and some days are better but most are not good.  I'm big on rehabilitation for sure but also accept that I'm this way for life and will never 'get better' in the way most think of getting better.  For me it's about making it through the day and taking life one day at a time. 



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Another welcome to Crazy Boards from one of the "older" members....Come to think of it, I guess I'm a 30 year veteran also - never quite thought of it that way!  :)


I love the idea of you creating a support group like "Cheers without the alcohol" - something I would love to find!

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Welcome to Crazyboards.  I imagine you read the User Agreement when you signed up---if not, please read it when you get a chance.


Sounds like you have traveled a long, lonesome road.  I know what you mean about being older than your pdoc, but these days I am older than ALL of my doctors.  sigh


Your peer support group sounds great and I hope you enjoy being a part of this crazy place.



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