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Hi, I'm a newb

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Decided to say hi cause you all seem so nice and friendly; so hi, I'm new, nice to meet you. My name is... *reminds self what I named myself here* There you go, I am a rainbow sausage apparently. Cool, nice to meet you all. I already said that...


I suck at introductions, in case nobody noticed.


Take two:
Hi, I'm a Rainbow Sausage, was almost a rainbow sausage roll, because you know, party food?


Ok... Take three:
Hi. I'm an awkard new person, I guess I should say something about myself but I'm really not the interesting. If you want to know more about me just ask. 

Interesting cool facts: I'm Australian, I'm of the lady-folk verity, I'm 17, finishing school this year and hoping to travel next year.


And that's about it, nice to meet you all. 

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Welcome to Crazyboards, Ms. Sausage!  I ask all new members to please read the User Agreement in order to avoid misunderstandings about how we operate. 

Don't worry about being awkward----you will have lots of company here!  I'm glad you signed up and I hope you like being a member of this buncha nuts.



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