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Glad I found this place

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Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself.


I'm 20 years old and have been dealing with health anxiety for a long time now. It usually manifests as an obsession over a symptom  or problem area (which sometimes I produce myself by being scared of that symptom). It then takes over my life and ruins at least a good few months.


I was prescribed Prozac a few years ago. It helped immensely, and after 1 year I weaned off of it with ease. About a year later the pattern began again. Initially I was prescribed Ativan, but it only made me worse in the end. Then I went about 8 torturous months without seeking help, refusing to admit I had relapsed, so to speak. I took Celexa this time, with absolutely horrific side effects, but kept taking it anyway. I was at 40mg for about a year, and now I'm at 20mg. SSRIs have been a lifesaver for me. But even so, I still have little troubles from time to time. I also take .5mg Clonazepam as needed.


I have been doing quite well, but recently my brother had a sudden paranoid psychotic episode involving fugue, which was quite disturbing (he had never had any incident before). I think his official diagnosis is Bipolar? Not too sure, but he is taking seroquel, effexor, and lithium. I bring this up because I am starting to fear developing a psychotic disorder and it is quite troubling. My brother is doing better now (after 2 weeks in a psychiatric hospital). Occasionally he will ask me if I can read his mind and tells me he has a feeling that he can. It's really upsetting to see someone going through that, so if anyone has any experience or wouldn't mind talking about it, I'd appreciate that.


Hope this wasn't too long. Thanks for reading!

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Hello soundz :)


The health anxiety is a huge issue these days, and even for those without an actual OCD or obsessive disorder (like me!!). With he mixture between the human's natural response to danger being almost opted out by modern science & technology, as well as the massive amounts of information at our fingertips with no one to help us sift through that information, it's damn hard not too!!


However, still your (and mine, and our) worry and anxiety is real! And needs validation & treatment. So basically, you are not alone!! So welcome :) And I do believe you can find some solace here.


As for your bro, he is a different person. And even though illnesses are generally genetic, it does not mean you will get X syndrome because a family member does. However it may be smart to see a psychiatrist, if you do not see one already.

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Welcome to CB, Goldsoundz. 


Health anxiety sounds very frustrating and scary. I hope you find the help you're looking for here. :)


We ask that new members read the User Agreement, just so you know how we run this shindig. 


Hope to see you around the boards!

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Welcome to Crazyboards.


I think one of the best things you can do for your brother is to encourage him to take his meds.  I'm sure he trusts you and will listen to you, so please do your best to help him be med-compliant.


Just remember that we are a first-person site, so if you ask questions about what your brother is going through, you may have members or mods reminding you that we are primarily concerned with YOUR experiences and difficulties.  Your brother is welcome to become a member of CB if he wants to join.



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