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I lately i've been feeling like im being watched when i'm alone and every now and then hear my name being called, sometimes i can even hear it being called in the background of the music i'm listening to. The part that really gets me though is sometimes i see faces in the dark or peeking under my closet door. also i've had a few episodes of sleep paralysis but the last one was about a month ago. Is something wrong with me or am i just freaking myself out by thinking about it too much?


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Well, we can't diagnose you here, but it sounds like you're having a problem. Something is impacting your daily living, and that generally means you need to see a doctor about it. In this case, preferably a psychiatrist. 


I used to hear my name being called and see scary things like you are seeing. It is very unpleasant and can be really stressful. 


Do you have a psychiatrist (pdoc)? If you do have a pdoc, I would strongly suggest telling them about this ASAP. 


When I hear my name being called and other things, for me, they are hallucinations and mean that psychosis is coming. That means I need to call my pdoc ASAP and get on it, to stop it from becoming a full blown psychotic episode. I can't say whether or not you're becoming psychotic, but that is why you should contact your pdoc/a doctor. If it is psychosis, you want to nip it in the bud as soon as you can. 

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Well, you could go to a gdoc first, to make sure your change of mental status isn't due to some physical ailment. There are illnesses that affect your mood, even though they aren't actually a mental illness. The thyroid seems to be particularly important.


You don't become mentally ill because you have a bad life, or are unhappy, although those can certainly be a result of MI. You become MI because you have a predisposition for it, combined with other unenumerated factors.


I'm not saying you are or aren't mentally ill, but having a cheerful demeanor really doesn't have a lot to do with whether or not you become ill.

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I had similar experiences when I was first becoming ill.  I'm not going to diagnose you but I strongly suggest going and getting help from a doctor/psychiatrist to nip it early.  You don't want symptoms to snowball and become unmanageable.


Good Luck

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