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This weird sensation, brainstorm with me

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I wonder if anyone has any ideas about what has been happening to me for the last two weeks or so.


I keep having these weird bodily sensations that last usually about 5 seconds, but one time lasted about 30 seconds (which is a much longer time than you think). I've had one offs, and clusters. I've had days where nothing happens, then days where it happens many times..


It feels like a pulsing vibration cascading down from my head to my feet, and spreading over my chest. The chest stuff actually feels uncomfortable (just a little).


Have any of you ever used a tuning fork? If so, you know that feeling when you strike a tuning fork, and then press it against you skin, it kind of makes you thrum? It feels like that kind of vibration, except it feels like it is rapidly scattering across points along my mid-line and chest. 


I also have this weird feeling of dissociation, it flips on for only the length of the pulse, and then off, and then on again for another pulse. My stomach feels weird. I see the world as if through a vaselined lens, but I don't have that sense of floating above myself. I often involuntarily shake my head at the end of these, as if to clear it. I could drive during these, I would be distracted, though.


Well, you probably know what popped into my head. But maybe that is because everything looks like a nail to me, to misuse the saying. But I actually really, really, doubt I am having seizures, that's why I didn't post this in the seizure forum. But I am definitely having these weird "episodes."


Please tell me what other things it might be? I just moved here, I don't have any doctors lined up yet. It would be useful to know if this is urgent or not. It "feels" neurological, but I actually haven't seen a neurologist for two years, just my pain Drs. So I hadn't planned on looking for a neurologist, at least for a while.


Could it be one of my meds? Could it be a really weird reaction to stress (and if so, has anyone else had it)? We just moved and went on to disability, so we are pretty strung out. I *don't* think it is my heart, in spite of the "pulse;" I have had tachycardia, and again this feels different.


Here goes. Thanks in advance.



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I will often get this exact feeling when I skip my propranolol. Like, a full body vibration that spreads from my head to my feet, and sometimes I'll feel spacey afterward. 


I see you take propranolol, have you been skipping it recently? 


Otherwise, I have no idea, crtclms. Sorry!

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Thanks! I don't *think* I skipped it, but it is a pretty huge coincidence. I still haven't gotten into a routine here since we moved, so it's completely possible. I do know it helps a bit with anxiety, so I tend to take it with my xanax (which I very rarely forget).


But my lithium tremors *have* been worse. When I find a pdoc, I was going to ask to possibly raise the propranalol. Maybe I am just forgetting to take it (sp?). I would kind of be shocked, though, I am pretty med compliant, unless I have an out of control migraine, which my pdoc knew.


I bet I am getting my pill bottles confused, they are arranged differently here than in San Jose. And my "weekly" pill containers are packed somewhere. I should get a new one.


Thanks for something to look up! I knew it wasn't a seizure (well, I was 99% sure)! I know they don't have to look like my husband's tonic-clonics. But if another member described this, I would tell them to see a neurologist. And I am probably going to see a neurologist soon anyway.


I'm still open to other theories, but the propranalol is a strong contender....

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