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Upset over non-existence of fiction

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Yesterday evening I suddenly became somewhat depressed over something. I think it's kind of stupid, but here I go.


I enjoy fiction, be it in print, video or web format. I'm not sure what happened yesterday but for some reason I became depressed over the fact that fiction isn't real. It wasn't the worst I've ever felt, but it was pretty bad (tearing up, not minding death). I'm not sure why I suddenly felt this way.


I thought I got better today, I was quite happy. But now I've started to become sad again (albeit to a lesser extent than yesterday).


I'm really not sure what to do at this point.

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I'm not sure exactly what to say. Fiction, by definition is not real. Maybe rather than discuss that, you should look at the feelings behind this. Feelings of overwhelming sadness? Is that even close to what you were feeling? 


If it were me, I'd keep an eye on this. It might be that you're becoming depressed. Since this is in the BP forum, I'm going to assume you have BP. Are you on meds? Do you keep a mood chart? I'd at least start tracking moods.


Hope this is just a blip and you're back to feeling well soon.

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Does the fiction make you happy or content? Do you wish your life or the life of those you love could be like the fictional novel or story?  If so this is why it's fiction - as it's rare in real life - happens to some, sure, but it's the fantasy of reality and that's why we enjoy fiction.  It gives us HOPE about what things could be and should be rather than what things are. 


I can relate to your depression over fiction.  I had times in years past where even TV shows like the Waltons depressed me greatly because I wished I had family like that vs. the bouncing from foster home to foster home I had and never knew my birth mother or father.  For me these times of getting depressed over certain TV shows were a hint that I was at the start of a major depressive episode. 


Talk to those who you know and care about and care for you about this.

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" but for some reason I became depressed over the fact that fiction isn't real. "


I can't say much about what hit you there, but my first reaction was "thank goodness for fiction: without it we'd just be stuck with reality the whole of the time."  I don't know about your reality, but while not wanting to go into denial about mine, it's nice to have a few other places to visit occasionally.


And given some fiction, I'm pretty sure I don't want that turning up in reality.

Edgar Allan Poe, H P Lovecraft, Stephen King, Clive Barker...


R A Heinlein in "The Number of the Beast"  had realities that were fictions in other realities, and vice-versa.

There was a way to visit Oz, or the universe of the Lensmen, but there you would discover the place you had come from was known as a fictional novel.


I'd suggest enjoying fiction.   It's real.... fiction.



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I'd suggest enjoying fiction.   It's real.... fiction.


Thank you, my mood has improved a bit since I started this topic. Also when I said "fiction" I didn't mean all fiction, simply some of the more idealistic works. Sorry for any confusion I caused.

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