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A function to not see personal signatures and meds?

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I like to read and take the post as is, without seeing the dx or rx of those who post it.  It's just I don't want to know what anyone takes as it's not important to me just as the dx is not.  I like to see people face to face as is, and online too.  I know there is much med talk here but I wont' be doing any major med talk.  Is there something I can click somewhere to make personal signatures and meds not visible to me?  Just as in the peer support group for men living with mental illness I have facilitated for 11 years now and we never ask anyone their meds or diagnoses I'd rather not know these things as I want to see the post 'fresh'.  Sorry if this doesn't make sense to some.  It's tough to fully explain some things with a keyboard and screen.

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Click drop down menu in upper right corner. Then click "Manage Ignore Prefs". On the top of the page is an option for not viewing signatures.


Check the small box in front of "Ignore all signatures when reading topics and personal messages"


What she said.


You can also ignore signatures individually, although not the ones that mods have.


If you'd prefer to have signatures cut off after a certain point, I've created a CSS style that will do that, but it's somewhat complex to implement so I don't want to explain it unless requested.

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