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Hi... I accidentally posted this in the wrong bit earlier, total newb style. Sorry :-(


I've been sort of browsing the internet as I've had a few weird experiences with other MI forums, not all bad, but definitely eye opening. I've been on eating disorder sites, depression and DPD sites and somehow I've never really taken to them. Too much pressure, too much I dunno 'too much-ness'. It was the names of the groups that made me laugh and I dunno, then I joined. Here I am. Meep.


I have anxiety. It started when I was 15, it went "away" on its own as my mother was very anti-meds. I saw the school counsellor behind her back, it didn't help but I learnt to avoid things and have melt downs in toilets and my room. It returned almost a year ago with a vengeance and I am really struggling with it on top of everything else, but meh.


I have a previous history of EDNOS, but I think I can proudly say my bad days are usually just a few days off now, and I'm mostly all the way there in terms of recovery...? I hate my body, but listening to a lot of 'normal people' I presume its just a feeling that many females participate in anyway.

I also have Depersonalisation Disorder, through recent counsellor and psyc appointments it was triggered by an accident when I was about 4 years old. This has, and still is, the bad boy in my life. I can't live without it I've had it that long, but then I can't stick it either. There are no definite meds for it as such, but some anti-depressants have been helping some cases. I changed doctors, and they're really not bothered. They don't understand the disorder at all and the thought of having to go back through the psychiatrist process again is terrifying... music and gaming is my medication currently. 


I'll stop writing now :-)

... Hi... :-)

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Welcome to Crazyboards.  I ask all new members to read the User Agreement, so you understand how we operate.  Don't be afraid to contact a mod if there is anything you don't understand.



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Hi I'm Donna.

I'm new here as well. I've suffered panic attacks all my life. They come in clusters. Irll be years between the clusters. For me it does help to know my routes. In stores I've never been in I quickly find the back doors. Knowing I can excape from front or back seems to calm the panic alittle. As u deal with then u will find tricks that work for you. Hooe you stick with this site.

Again welcome


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Thanks guys :-)

I hate pushchairs in stores, they just make me panic more because I know I can't shove them out the way to get to 'safety' as they've got kids in them! I do most of my shopping online as a result. Supermarkets are the worst unless I go at 3am when I can't sleep, then they're pretty empty and I can actually enjoy grocery shopping!

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