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Please: My Crazy Talk post comes up right away in Google!

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I do not want people who don't even know me yet to find out I'm bipolar and was on Seroquel for 15 years without them even meeting me. Is there ANY WAY POSSIBLE for Crazy Boards admin to delete my post so it doesn't show up in Google?




If you can't, could you please direct me to an email address of someone who could remove it? I've already lost one friend who pre-screened me on Google. The stigma is greater than no other. 

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The user agreement pretty clearly states that this website is indexed by google, and users are not encouraged to post under their real names. You should go to the main page, scroll all the way down to the bottom, and send a PM to an online admin (the name will be in orange). They can change your username so your posts here won't be associated with your real name, or you can inquire about deletion (though my understanding is that it isn't typically done).

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yes, change your avatar indeed!


there is a reason why 95 % of us have an anonymous user name, and some sort of creative avatar

stigma is a huge problem and you don't want a future employer or neighbor learning on line that you have

a mental illness

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