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Social Worker's Impact in my Small Town

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I just want to share this for others in my possible situation, although mine is much more dire at the moment. 



I am officially homeless - although if I need a night away I can crash at ex's and shower up and stuff ... 



However the help my social worker, but more importantly the director at the local Health & Awareness Clinic, has kept me above water. No immediate solutions but possible housing in a few weeks with multiple sources of assistance. Free medicine refills. Free MD treatment, even though there is no psych care available. Free one on one counseling as my old MD signed a note stating I am not ready for group therapy or work any time soon until a psych doc releases me. 


Point is that is the start of "my team" and has been an incredible source of strength. Even with them on my side this was so overwhelming today I almost admitted myself to the hospital again. I was extremely paranoid, hearing things, thinking people were talking about me outside a hotel room I was put up in for the night, and just generallly feeling "psychotic" I guess. However, I rode it out, and I feel some what better not. Thanks in part to getting through the rough stuff I dealt with today and all the help and assistance I am getting from a team of people that are qualified to provide it - NOT FAMILY MEMBERS OR FRIENDS I put MAJOR STRESS ON ! People that enjoy helping and do this for a living. It doesn't stress them, it fuels them ... Exactly the opposite of the impact of my illness on my family. 


Anyways, anyone else in a small town who has put this off please get involved. If you are truly  honest and put your heart on the TABLE - you will be AMAZED at what type of TRUE support and help you will need (if you are like me) if you just genuinely ask for it. I am hunbled, grateful, and finally not putting stress on my family. Although I do drive myself batshit crazy that is nothing new lmao :)


Prayers out to all my CB friends !

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