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Is anyone else kind of really upset about the apparent inevitability of widespread fracking?  


I just watched this movie called Gasland, because I heard about the sequel had just come out on HBO on NPR, and an interview with the author.  Anyway, I am profoundly fucking disturbed.  


We are contaminating our watersheds and there might not be any way to ever repair them.  I feel like if fracking isn't stopped there could be an environmental holocaust.  Maybe there already is.




Gasland II


Anyone have any idea how a person could take action against this?

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I don't like it, but it's better than burning coal for power.   If the government were to put enough money into making nuclear energy safe, that would be my preferred option until we can switch to renewables,  but we've got to have some kind of stopgap measure between now and when the technology is there to run everything off renewables.    The options are coal, gas, and nukes and they all kinda suck.

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I personally am terrified of fracking and think it was one of the most ill-conceived ideas ever. Injecting known carcinogens into the ground--which will leach into groundwater--is an insane idea. We're literally injecting toxic poisons into our planet and not expecting it to cause doomsday. The oceans are polluted, the air is polluted, and now the soil and everything in the earth's crust is polluted. We're destroying ourselves in this quest for energy.


While I agree with V.E. that nuclear energy is the best option overall, we should be spending much much more of our time/resources finding ways to neutralize the radioactive waste so that we can actually use nuclear power plants without creating such toxic by-products.


For me personally, the destruction of our planet--preventing our very own mass suicide--should be the priority of our government, not all the other extraneous b.s. that they seem so obsessed with. We're killing the planet and nobody seems to care....

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I agree with you, brokendishes.  Have we learned nothing from the past?  DDT, Climate Change, etc?  I am angered that the current administration is basically pro-fracking.


The US should take environmental concerns more seriously.  I hate to think about the kinds of things I'll have to deal with when I'm older because of our current thoughtlessness.

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"In an article for Forbes magazine, Dr. Michael Economides, a professor of engineering at the University of Houston, commented on the Gasland scene of "a man lighting his faucet water on fire and making the ridiculous claim that natural gas drilling is responsible for the incident. The clip, though attention-getting, is wildly inaccurate and irresponsible. To begin with, the vertical depth separation between drinking water aquifers and reservoir targets for gas production is several thousand feet of impermeable rock. Any interchange between the two, if it were possible, would have happened already in geologic time, measured in tens of millions of years, not in recent history."



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People in government power are trying to do something. see my last post.


I fully admit I have not investigated the issues around the country when it comes to fracking. I know what fracking is and Im aware of the environmental problems. Now that I think about it is this practice of fracking used anywhere else in the world?


In the little area Im in this metropolis we usually don't have protestors. A year or so ago I was walking with my 5 yo daughter and they scared the bejezzus out of her. Those anti-frackers. Funny this they were all older than me. I think it scared her because fracking is scary.


Now that is really a big issue in my neighborhood I've been following it.


Nothing like fracking on a fault-line in a big city. I didn't study geology but that sounds very dangerous to me. Around these parts I don't even want to step on a fault-line. This is a fragile area. (and yes, i choose to live here pre-fracking).


Here is some more anti-fracking "propoganda" I'd like to share:





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