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Buspirone makes me feel funny?

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I was previously taking 15mg of Buspirone at night only, but my anxiety has gotten so much worse and so my doctor has switched me to the same dose twice a day. I've noticed that when I take it at night and then go to bed it makes me feel really hot and woozy. Does it have this affect on anyone else? My pdoc has said she will switch me to something else if I feel this isn't working, but I don't want to quit taking it if this is a pretty common side effect.

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For me, Buspar seemed to make my anxiety worse. I don't recall any woozy feelings though. In my experience, many pdocs like to look at you crazy when you mention a side effect. I hate that. Many sites mention nausea, upset stomach, dizziness as side effects- all the different feelings of being woozy. I saw quite a few people mention sweating and/or hot flashes as side effects on askapatient.com. Hope the side effects go away and everything work out for you.

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I feel like it makes me worse and my meds come through mail from v.a. hospital and it came late im afraid to be anxious and crazy. I dont how ima make it through today at work. It would be great to stop taking it but i cant even taper. I. Took valium i have cuz i read it had a small part antianxiety and more neurontin for my firomyalsia at hopes itll settle me down. I have a special child and would hate to be snappy because shes an angel n doesnt desrve it.im smoking my electric cigarette like crazy.im worried ill feel withrawl. How long does it take for your body to regulate itself to your norm. In long run ill be happy ide rather not be dependant on it

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