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You can call me Rok, nice to meet you. I am here to get some answers and perhaps even meet some new, interesting people. 


I am not particularly good at talking about myself when it comes to personal hobbies but since that seems to be a good way to "break the ice" -- I have a Steam account and I play Civ V when I'm not out seeing movies or something else. Sometimes I also dress up in costumes and act like an idiot (also known as cosplay).


I have a fish tank full of various sorts of fish and two chubby little mali uromastyx lizards.


Long walks on the beach are tedious though, so I'm not going to go that far but bubble baths are nice. ;)


Anyho, nice to meet you all.



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Hello and Welcome to Crazyboards!


I owned a uromastyx many moons ago along with some boas and an iguana.


I think you will find this to be a supportive community full of people with information to share.


We ask that all our new members read the User Agreement to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Looking forward to seeing you on the boards!

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@Pheonix_Rising I believe I've read the user agreement twice but I can certainly do it again just to be sure. 


@Paperskyscraper Mayhap we ought to exchange steam information? Providing this is okay within forum rules. 


It would be fun to game with others and discover new games, I simply cannot afford any new ones at the moment so free and mac friendly is good. 

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Last time I payed for a PC game was more than 10 years ago and it only happened once.


Dota II is for free, invitation only as it hasn't been officially released yet, but I have plenty of invitations to give away and would be happy to give you one. You can PM me your details if you want it.

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Did you play the original DotA too? The one that was a map of Warcraft III?


I love MMOGs but aren't really into WoW, I currently play and prefer SWTOR and PlanetSide II. I even played a Chinese MMOG for a while, Age of Wushu. It was fun, but there were too many problems with the game and I grew tired of its many glitches. The Chinese still need to learn how to make a proper game.

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Lemmiwinks - I did indeed play Dota! :-D I'm into wow because I read many of the books on the place, I get absorbed in fantasy a little too much and so being able to play in a place that I've read about and actually understand (probably a lot better than the society I actually live in) its just so addictive. Luckily I have to limit myself to 3 hours gaming a day because otherwise it makes my depersonalisation disorder worse >.< 


I will add you Rokisa, I am Butterflea :-)

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