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I mentioned this in my blog, but thought I'd ask on the boards.


I have what I'd call a migraine right now.  Headache, feel dizzy (nausea, stomach fine though) and feeling crappy.


A few days ago I had gold lights flash everywhere.  Not like when you stand up or sit down to quickly, different.  It was like fireflies, but gold.  They were blinking off and on. 


Could I have had an aura a few days in advance of the headache?  Everything I'm reading says no. 


At the time I thought I was hallucinating, but I'm stable at the moment. 

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I have never had gold fire flies but, I have blobs of clouds and distorted vision. Then my hands go numb and about thirty minutes after that I get struck with a massive migraine that leaves me unable to do anything. I rememeber the first time I had one. I was in 7th grade in the lunch room eating. I started to see that it was hard to see out the window's and my hands where going numb. Felt fine while all that was happening but as soon as we got to class I think it was fourth period. I almost fainted it was so bad. So I went home and the only thing I can do to help is lay there with no sound or light. I have had three since then and I don't why they are so few and far between but they are painful. Much more aggressive then any other headache.

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You can have prodromes several days in advance, but I am not sure about auras. Some of my prodromes are that I get very clumsy, I no longer am quite sure where my limbs are, so I run into things, or trip. I get weakness in my right hand.


As for auras, I also get the fireflies, plus fortifications, and the scotomas. I also have had AIWS two or three times (maybe 2? but maybe 3).


Sometimes I have this sludgy feeling, as best as I can explain. There is migraine pain, but it isn't a full blown migraine. It's like looking through plastic wrap, not quite sick or well.


You can also have stand-alone auras. Those are still migraines. Remember the headache is a symptom, not the illness itself.


Sonic, that is exactly how my first migraine happened, in school. I lost all vision in my right eye, like a piece of black cloth was over it. And I went home, my dad gave me some fiorinal, and I slept it off. There are advantages to having a psycho-pharmacologist as a father. I had access to pain medication, until we realized how frequent they were becoming.

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I know prodomes can be a few days in advance, but I wasn't sure about the auras. 




Perhaps, if the headaches are just a symptom, it just took a while for that to develop.  I still have some headache stuff today, but a lot better, light doesn't bother me anymore, but have a tired heavy feeling though I'm not sick. 

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Never in my entire life of mental illness, my 15 years of physical illness, or my recent 5 years of migraines, headaches & seizures have I ever heard the word prodrome's. This is after 23 years of professionals in mental illness, neurological illness & autoimmune deficiencies. 


Even though this is someone else's thread (and I am sorry jarn for getting off subject) it has done my own little world great deal of good. I had no idea some of the things I have experienced could have been explained with the migraines I have had several days later.


I am officially flabbergasted :blink:

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Migraine is crazy. Dealing with my husband's seizures is as crazy, if not more so. His neurosurgeon told me that Migraine and Epilepsy are very similar (from a neurological standpoint), and there is a lot of interest in how similar they are.


I also read a paper about 5 years ago that suggested that migraine was a type of seizure, where the headache was the worst post-ictal symptom. As usual, I can't remember anything more about it, except that I was in my living room, reading it from my husband's computer. So that is pretty much the equivalent of anecdotal. I just thought it was an interesting idea, I've never seen anything similar discussed since then.

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Yes, as I my experiences with migraines & my growing interest in neurology I have researched into the subject quite deeply at points. And as I subjected here, you can see I am learning new things every day. It is a very intense & captivating subject.


I have also read a time or two the similarities of Epilepsy & migraines, however I have not seen much about it either. It is a especially peculiar subject for myself considering I have had migraines for a few years and have had experienced a couple different types of seizures. I myself have noticed the similarity of neurological symptoms with both. At times I wonder which is the issue, versus which is the symptom. Also the general neurological weirdness is so similar its confusing, because it's hard to tell if what is going on is a migraine or seizure symptom. I had an EEG and epilepsy was disproven (well not proven really), however I still wonder during the occurrence. I might just be a worrier in the end, but considering there are a lot of similarities (both neurologically & symptomatically) I can not help but question my brain & its motives :P

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Regular EEGs are often pointless. If it is normal, all that means is it was normal at that point in time.


DH had two VEEGs 5 years apart. The seizures were mapped, and they tried to remove the focus, but only got most of it; if they went further, he would have difficulty with speech and vision. After the removal, they put his skull back together.He actually does have trouble with narratives now. Nowadays he does show abnormalities on a regular EEG, but that is post surgery: He has micro-seizures almost constantly. And his facial recognition is pretty much gone, unless he knew you well before the surgery.


One of his post-ictal symptoms is a migraine, ugh.

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I haven't had migraine in three months now — fingers crossed!

I'm not sure if you can have aura days before the headache begins, but you can have "silent migraine" — an aura alone, without the associated ouchies. I've had that, and found it just as debilitating as the achy variety, as I went functionally blind in one eye and had zig-zag lines, flashes, and a weird sort of distortion of depth of field in the other. Then there was the nausea...

Silent migraine really freaked me out, because, every time, what was on my mind was: "is this one finally a stroke?!". :P

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I know this thread isn't about this, but I feel like banging my head against a wall. Or driving a knife into my left eye socket. Or peeling the skin off my left cheek bone. Or something. I hate weather. There is so much weather here! (Salt Lake City)

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I am not sure of the weather in UT, but I feel the exact same way dear crtclms (and I live in the deep south).


Let me give you a visual (or rather a brainsual):


Today's weather in the last 12 hours

  • sunny & humid
  • humid & rainy
  • really humid & sunny
  • thunderstorms, i.e. really humid & rainy & windy & air pressure
  • sunny & not too humid
  • rainy & humid
  • really fucking humid & thunderstorms
  • lightning storm, humidity up the wazoo & pressure out the wazoo

I am on the bandwagon of completely removing my right eyeball, and using it to play fetch with my new dog.


I get it. Completely. Too well. Fuck :(


ETA by the way I am Gibson (explanation on how spacey I am with the neuro crazees).

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