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Generic vs. Name and dealing with the insurance company

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Yet again I'm having some trouble with a new generic manufacturer as my pharmacy changes generics from time to time. I'm going to contact my insurer and ask if they can pay the customary generic fee towards the name brand drug and explain the situation and point out that it would be better for me and less expensive for them as if this continues I will end up in the hospital.


Has anyone done this before? and if so did your insurer go for it or not?


I don't think my request is off the wall. I mean, if they are paying 40.00 a month for the generic and all I'm asking is for the 40.00 towards the name brand which is 91.00 with me paying the difference of 51.00 it's no higher payout for them.


I have nothing against generics but for me each generic manufacturer of the same drug, same dose often isn't the same dose in me. All I really want is consistent generics which is becoming almost unheard of in my area. My pharmacist is very sympathetic and agrees with me that not all generics are created equal and he hears this often from people.


I've called every pharmacy in my area looking for the prior generic manufacturer which worked for me and had no side effects and all told me they don't have that one anymore and can't order it and have no control over it.


Has anyone done this with their insurer? if so how did it go?

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Generally speaking most insurers (at least here) will pay the amount of the generic as a matter of course.  It happens automatically.


What I did was had my doc write down that I need to have brand name only, and my insurance now pays for the whole thing.

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