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Need to know what's wrong with me.

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I'm a military wife with two children living in a foreign country. We just moved in to our new home and someone broke in, robbed us and took off while we were sleeping. No one was hurt, actually we slept through the whole thing.

I can't eat. I can't sleep. I can't think straight. I keep forgetting things all because I constantly replay that morning in my mind. Every time I hear a noise outside, I get nauseous and feel like hiding. I zone out so bad that my 4 year old asks me what's wrong. I can't run fans or loud appliances during the day until my husband gets home because I fear they may come back and I won't hear them. I double check my windows and locks throughout the day and begin feeling nervous and sick when the sun starts to go down. I haven't ate food in 4 days. I've had water.. But the thought of food makes me nauseous. I just want to hide all day. I want to cry. I want to run. I refuse to go outside.

Will this go away? I've lost over 10 lbs and its not healthy.. But I hate throwing up so I just don't eat. Should I see a doctor?

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Hi Sleepless.

I see it's your first post, welcome to CB. We have blogs and chat here too, so please check those out if you think it will be helpful. 


Wow that break-in certainly sounds scary and a violation of a place that should feel safe, especially when you're living in a foreign country and already under so much stress.


Anxiety that is affecting you this badly is definitely cause to see a doctor, especially considering the impact on your health. I'm not sure what you access to therapy is like where you are, but that may be worth looking into as well. 

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I read through a few other posts, and I understand what I experienced is nothing compared to most, but I have never felt so.. Unsafe. I'm from a small town back in the states where everyone knows everyone and there's no need to worry. I have been in this country for 3 months and it hasn't been so great. I had a vivid, haunting nightmare 3 days prior to the break in that someone broke into our home and we couldn't stop them. I woke to racing heart, sweating from head to toe and rechecked every door and window. My husband keeps asking me what's wrong and I have no answer. I don't know. I feel constantly alert and jumpy. I hate to ask him to take me to the doctor. I'm hoping these feelings will go away.

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Please don't compare your experiences to that of others. It never ends well.

The feelings will likely need looking into by a professional, as bluelikejazz said. Not being able to eat and losing weight so quickly are actively hindering your brain's ability to process what happened. It needs food to be able to do that.

The zoning out is a way that your brain knows how to protect itself, but it can be harmful, too. Especially if your daughter is being affected.

As a military wife you have access to the army's medical services, right? It's totally okay to need them. It's perfectly alright to need to go to a doctor, and to need your husband to go with you for intake. I always go to the doctor with my significant other. I can't do it alone, and that's okay. You're allowed to need help. I hope that you can get what you need.

Try to take gentle care of yourself.

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A home invasion robbery is terrifying, even if you slept through it.


I would go to the doctor, and ask about finding counseling through the system.

You are in a strange country, you feel alone, you have kids to care for.


The military pastors or rabbis can also be very helpful, from my own experience.

And they will know about resources for counseling or therapy.

You need a safe place w a professional to process this frightening crime.

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