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Going off Amitriptyline

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I have been taking amitriptyline (Elavil) 30mg for nearly 6 months for migraine prevention. My neuro told me yesterday that since it's not working very well, I need to get off it and start a beta blocker (Nadolol) at the same time.


He told me to either go cold turkey or take 4 days to reach 0mg. I have been googling and researching and found that typically a slower taper is recommended.


This is the first anti-depressant I have ever been on, so I'm really anxious about this whole process and starting the beta blocker at the same time.


I would appreciate any advice.


Thanks in advance.

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I believe antidepressant doses start somewhere around 50-75mg. 30mg is a fairly low dose. You could try cold turkey it or maybe cut it down to 15mg for a few days and then stop. You don't have to stop the amitriptyline before you start the beta blocker do you? If not I would take as much time as you are comfortable with. I'm guessing you won't have many problems. Does it help you sleep? Due to it being so sedating some trouble sleep ing for a bit might be the biggest thing you encounter.

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I have 10mg tablets and they are quite tiny with no score in the middle. I was thinking of cutting it by 10mg (basically per tablet). I tried to cut them into 5mg tablets before but I could never get a good 'half', 


No I can taper down one while I go up on the other at the same time. My only concern is how will I know if something is a withdrawal effect vs. side effect from the new med? 


I tend to get anxious, hence I'm over-thinking it all. My neuro was no help, since he thinks I can just go cold turkey. 


It stopped being sedating for me a few months ago and it doesn't help me sleep through the night anymore. It's helped some with my headache/migraines but not well enough, that's why I'm moving onto something else. I'm worried the migraines will increase again. 

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