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Hi, I'm new, but my anxiety (depression, aspergers, etc etc) is NOT!!

Ok....I'm on Lamictal, been on 75mg for about 6 months now. Was on Effexor for over 15 years...didn't do me any good...tried to go off! My brain took a permanent hike into hell. So I trot on off to the doc for help...he puts me on Prozac to help with the withdrawls....YAY, I'm off Effexor. The Prozac made me angry and irritable and agitated and made all my asperger symptoms worse. Ok back to the doc I go. He puts me on Paxil....in the mean time I go to my primary care doc, cuz it is time to check my thyroid (hypothyroid here), sure enough, it is low again...so more Levothyroxine for me, as well as mega doses of Vit D (50,000 UI once a week) and 2500 mg B 12 (daily). So now, I'm on all these meds (as well as Xanax 3 mg per day divided up into smaller doses).....Oh and let's not forget Premarin, cuz I'm at "that" age (oh the joys of being female...NOT). So....anyhoo...I've been on Paxil 20mg per day (split into 2 doses), the megadoses of vitamins and the upped dose of thyroid meds (from .5 mcg to .75 mcg). And now, about one to 2 months later find myself extremely paranoid, agitated, irritable, asperger sensory sensitivities way worse than usual, BP symptoms and mood swings all over the place, I'm a mess.  

My question is: does Paxil, alone or combined with other meds make a person paranoid? The paranoia started at the same time as the addition of paxil, upping the Levothyroxine, and the megadoses of vitamins (for extreme fatigue).

I have no job due to the BP II and the Aspergers, so, no health insurance. I pay out of pocket....which is empty right now...for doc and meds.

If anyone has any helpful insight, I would sure appreciate it.

Totally freaked out here in Wisconsin.....HELP!!!!!!!!!

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It's possible that the meds are causing the paranoia, I guess. Antidepressants can cause agitation in bipolar people, and hypo/mania. Could this paranoia possibly be a warning sign of hypomanic episode to come? I get paranoid when I'm hypomanic. 


This is definitely something to talk to your doctors about, though I know affording it can be rough. I am in Canada, so I'm unfamiliar with any services for the uninsured in the states. Hopefully someone else will chime in. 


To deal with the paranoia, I always reality check, and have others reality check for me. Keep telling yourself these thoughts are not possible or not real. If possible, recruit a loved one to remind you that these thoughts are not real. 


I hope you can see a doctor soon. 

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My dad is schizoaffective and was really, really, really paranoid and delusional when he was on an antidepressant - I don't remember if it was Zoloft or Paxil, but antidepressants can do really bad things to people with bipolar disorders. He has some degree of paranoia at all times, but it was extremely severe when he was on antidepressants. 


Please check with a pdoc soon.

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Just want to say thanks to those who responded! I'm going to try some Omega 3 fish oil. After doing much research, fish oil was most often mentioned as a "help" for those withdrawing from SSRI meds. And a very slow tapering down! Glad I'm only on 15mg per day... :wall:    Hope the withdrawls won't be too unbearable!

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