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So im in a partial hospitalization program (due to on going psychosis on meds) and the dr weaned me off latuda and put me on loxatine 30mg a day.

Does anyone have experience with this drug?

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Loxapine has worked wonders for me. I've been through Latuda, Saphris, Abilify, Fanapt, and Zyprexa and after that I started loxapine. It's made a huge difference for me specifically with racing intrusive thoughts and that's pretty much all I use it to control. If I can get my racing thoughts under control, the anxiety and depression usually fall in line. I also find that it has next to no side effects at my 25mg dose except for a few tics from time to time. However, I lost all the weight that I gained on the other AAPs that I took, which was wonderful. Stick with it. Loxapine behaves more like the newer antipsychotics at doses of 50mg per day or less. Anything above that and you're in typical land. But stick with it. It's definitely worth giving it a serious trial. I've been on it several months and never would want to give it up. @jarn told me that she finds it very helpful for her psychosis at just 40mg and was able to get off Saphris because of it.

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