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Taking the leap

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I am a long time lurker. Today seems like a good day to join in.

My history certainly isn't unique. I had a rather tumultuous adolescence and young adulthood. In spite of some lengthy, and pretty intense mood episodes I managed to make it through undergrad and graduate school largely untreated. After multiple failed attempts at managing mood instability through self-medication, and after a series of hospitalizations, I was diagnosed bipolar and the world started to make sense.

I did spend some time on the med merry-go-round before figuring out what works. I think that my current meds are about as good as it gets. We do tweak dosages from time to time, and we add in a rescue med when necessary, but for the most part I've been on the same cocktail for about five years.

Since briefly collecting SSI in my twenties, I have worked in the mental health and human service field for many years now. It is a tricky balance to be both a provider and a consumer of services. I am looking for a community where I can just be me.

I am a newly middle aged, partnered, queer femme, mother of two teenaged daughters who also happens to have bipolar disorder. In my life today, I am going through a bit of a rough patch in my relationship and my kids are growing up fast. I have my lonely moments and sometimes it is destabilizing.

I can be a good friend and I have been told that I give decent advice. I also do my best to listen to the prospectives and opinions of others when I am struggling. I think I have something to offer and I know that there are people here that I can learn from. I am hopeful that this forum will be a good fit for me.

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Zoe, welcome to Crazyboards.  Please read the user agreement if you haven't already done so.


I think you will find that several of our members work in the mental health/social services field.  I imagine it gives you a certain amount of insight and empathy with your clients.


We have a parenting forum, which might be useful to you with a couple of teenagers. :)  Feel free to start a blog---that's where a lot of us talk about our daily activities and look for feedback and support.


I hope you like being a part of this crazy community.



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