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People who could be more understanding of different mi


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Not sure if this is the right spot.  Not that anyone sucks.


I do a variety of volunteer work.  My main dx is schizoaffective disorder but I also have social anxiety. I try not to let it interfere and for the most part I think I do well.  But, sometimes people I work with get inpatient or frustrated because I'm so nervous.  And their reaction just leads to more anxiety.We all have some dx, but it's like they've never seen anyone with anxiety before.


I think it's good that I'm pushing myself to go out, but I really want to isolate sometimes.

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It's people with mi and they are knowledgeable, I'm probably being a little sensitive.  I get frustrated with me, too. It's not that big of a deal to point out and the main person I work with knows some things are hard for me.


thanks ladybug-that does help me put it in perspective. it's more of a pet peeve than I real problem.

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Thank You for doing volunteer work.  I also volunteer and we provide some sort of service to others for free. We are good people! 


I'm sorry you are having such high anxiety and sorry others don't understand.  This is part of being MI - dealing with those who just don't 'get it'.


Sometimes even professionals who should 'get it' don't!   If you can simply tell them you are doing the best you can, think you are doing a good job and part of who you are is anxious and it would help you for them to focus on what you can do instead of them getting frustrated with you over your anxiety.  If this doesn't get better at work then think of another position or another job. 


'I think it's good that I'm pushing myself to go out, but I really want to isolate sometimes.'


Anxiety is tough and I think it's great you push yourself to go to a volunteer job and I also for many, many years wanted to isolate and I know the pure sheer strength of will to get out and do something while shaking inside and sometimes outside. 


Try to educate these people first and if it doesn't take then you might want to think about other options for volunteer work with your therapist or counselor or social worker.  Also tell this to your psychiatrist.  Take good care.

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