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So I'm hooked on my morning coffee. I take Seroquel at night and feel like I've been mauled by a steamroller in the morning and feel drowsy all day if I don't get caffeine into my body, stat, as soon as I wake up. It is often the difference between me showering and leaving the house or staying in bed all day. Switching to other AAPs has already been tried and nixed.


With coffee, I wake up quickly. The catch is that I almost always get the runs shortly thereafter, plus I need to pee a lot, then I feel REALLY jittery and uncomfortable, often enough to need a Klonopin or sometimes two. I am obviously drinking way too much, and my body is letting me know it in no uncertain terms. Then the Klonopin kind of backfires by making me sleepy again, although not as much as I would be had I not had coffee..


Obviously, the solution is to cut out the caffeine immediately, but for some reason, it is REALLY hard. It's become an ingrained habit, and I feel SO SO SO out of it and tired in the morning without it. Trying to give it up will become more of a problem in September when I have to go back to school, because there's no way in hell I can concentrate and focus enough to read and study without the caffeine boost. 


Has anyone had this problem and successfully beat it? 

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Could you try mixing some caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, so it's not quite so strong? I've heard of that as a method for cutting down.


I have a bit of a caffeine habit, but don't seem to have any negative effects from it, so I'm not motivated to address it,

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I have absolutely had this problem when I was on AAP's (Abilify, Latuda, risperidone).


In terms of caffeine consumption itself, I have switched from coffee to espresso.  It gives me more caffeine per fluid ounce, which leads to less peeing.  I have also been known to pop loperamide and Pepto-Bismol to help with the GI side effects when needed.


If looking to cut back on caffeine, partially switching to decaf or green/black tea is a place to start.  Limiting caffeine consumption to the morning is also good.  Staying properly hydrated throughout the day helps, too.  Sometimes I reach for coffee when a glass of water would be just as energizing. 


Unfortunately, cutting back on caffeine is like cutting back on any other drug.  You might experience withdrawal and feel more tired without it.


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They sell ground coffee that is "half and half," so you could cut your caffeine intake in half by drinking that instead of your regular brew.


You could try that for 3-4 days and see if it helps.  Then I guess you could gradually add more and more decaf to the mix.



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Sometimes you need some sort of stimulation in the morning and you are definitely not alone, the majority of people consume coffee upon waking. The diuretic effect of caffeine eventually lessens as your body expects the caffeine. If you want to try something else, you could look into a prescription for Provigil or Nuvigil both combat drowsiness and are little more mild than other types of stimulants, although this might be discouraged since you have bipolar disorder. But I couldn't live without caffeine, but good luck. 


Another tip to help wake up is chewing gum, but isn't as effective as caffeine but it works. 

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I take Provigil to help wake up (and more importantly, stay awake). My pdoc didnt want to give it to me, even though I have taken it for several years, because he was afraid I would go manic, I take 200mg, but would prefer400mg because it works so much better.


I am also addicted to caffeine. It helps a lot.

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