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I guess I should post this here since this is my dx. The past 3 days I've been very anxious. Worried about everything and everybody. Pissed about my brain not working (memory, not thinking straight, etc.) and keeping suicide in my back of my mind (not suicidal right now). Just keeping it there in case things don't improve. But the anxiety is awful.


I took one of my Xanax that I hardly ever take. It just made me drowsy- didn't help the anxiety. So I called my pdoc yesterday and he prescribed Neurontin. It didn't do anything. I think it's supposed to work quickly, correct me if I'm wrong. So I have to wait until Monday to call pdoc again.


How can I get through the weekend? Tips? Thanks guys.

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Yes mindfulness, distract yourself (how about that puzzle?), grounding techniques, yoga/other exercise, meditation, guided imagery (youtube has excellent videos to help you with this).


Try looking up some of those coping skills if you are not sure about them. They really help me when I'm anxious about anything and everything!


And I'm not sure if the neurontin is supposed to work right away of if it needs to build up in your system. Maybe someone who takes it will chime in. I know a girl who takes it but she never mentioned if it worked right away or not.

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