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Started getting a nasty forehead full of acne while I was on Zoloft. I was only taking 12 milligrams a day! Doc says this should not be a side effect. Who else got lucky? Oh and I'm no teenager, in early 40's and way too old to look like a pimply faced teen. Help! Thanks for any input....by the way I stopped the Zoloft gradually, June 17 was my last day....should have cleared out of my system and zits should be gone...

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I have no idea of your gender, but if you are female, are you possibly going through menopause?  I know that fluctuations in hormone levels can cause a lot of different reactions in people.



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I get acne breakouts on zoloft. I always had sensitive oily, dry skin but I take care of it well and I never had anything more than minor acne before. After being on 75mg I have large bumps deep under my skin that just don't go away for weeks.


Acne isn't a listed side effect of zoloft but it has been reported in a few cases.


In my case I am 99% sure the zoloft made it worse. 


Wish you the best of luck and if you get any information please keep me updated. 

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