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Take 2 (2nd intro, formerly known as RokIsa)

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Alright. So the name here used to be RokIsa and I guess I have some explaining to do. 


Although not diagnosed, there's a high possibility I've got DID, or something similar. I will leave any explanations of how things work maybe for thread in the DID section. 


Basically there are two people here, I am Aau and Rök is the alter, although we do tend to work very well together, he is signfiicantly different in typing style, behavior and vocabulary, among other things, than I am. 


He was the one who made our first post, I guess I wanted to make sure there is clarity. At first he really did not want to come clean, if you will, about us but I thought it best for the sake of clarity and he agrees. 


We have a fiancee, she joined up, we'll let her tell you all about herself when she feels like it, she is here to learn and she has some anxiety she wants to work through. We are glad she is here with us. 


We are recent college graduates and are working on getting a job in IT. 


Oh and about our name, Rök calls me Magpie and fiancee calls Rök weasel because he can be a bit of a troll sometimes. 


...I guess the only other thing I'll add is that neither of us identifies as the body's sex/gender or the body's name, hence why we've come up with names for ourselves to be identified.


Only a small number of people know the truth about us, we've managed very well, being unnoticed through some mimicry of the other in typing styles and with Rök being the designated speaker when in person. 


if anyone has any question they're welcome, apologies if this was a bit scattered, I wrote this over an hour because I kept needing to go do something. 


I think that Rök and I will try to always sign when responding, sometimes it is as if both of us are speaking in a conversation at the same time so there may be a mix of "typing quirks" and mannerisms. 


Okay...hope this was good!





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Welcome to Crazyboards.  I ask all new people to read the User Agreement, so please do so if you haven't read it already.


Don't be afraid to contact a mod if you have any questions.



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Oh! Okay. Sorry, had a derp moment there. 


Sounds good, it is nice to have someone else that is like us, although we are not diagnosed...it's kinda like something we learned to live and function well with so hm.


Will write more in a bit about us in the subsection :)



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