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 I have always lurked on forums like these but never participated, so here goes! Hi, I'm Birdy, I'm not feeling like going into detail about the whole sordid tale, its been a long road of being in the mental health world over the last 6 years for me, a few hospitilations, many quitting of jobs and moving around- accommodation and cities, many changing of medication, and lots of life goal re- assessment.


But now at 24 I got accepted into a teaching degree at a university in a new city (moved here almost a year ago now) and I have done my first semester- even though I recently had a 5 week hospitilisation right at the end of semester, I still got my assignments in (extensions granted), and this will be the most study in a course I have committed to since highschool. So I feel proud of myself about that.


Anyway My new doctor currently thinks I may have bipolar- not sure what type, which is why my antidepressant didn't work and I spent a week withdrawing horribly from it (when I was recently in hospital after a psuedo- suicide attempt), in order to try a new medication she thinks might help me - Lithium. So far I'm unsure its doing much, but I sure don't feel as suicidal as often, so thats a plus. But as I have strong borderline traits (she doesn't want to say I have the disorder), coping with moving into a new apartment where I live alone with just my cat is proving to be a challenge, and also a challenge not to self harm while I am living in my own space. But I intend to try my best to not self harm and I know there are discussion boards on here for this which is great, and so far its been a week since I SI.


Anyway that's a little bit about me, hi!

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Welcome to CB! I hope you enjoy our little corner of the internet! 


We ask that all new members read the User Agreement, just so you know how we operate around here. 


I hope you find our self-injury board helpful, there are loads of helpful and supportive threads there. :)

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Welcome to Crazyboards.  It sounds like you are working hard to get stable, which is what most of us want to achieve, I think.


Let us know if we can help you with anything.



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