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Has anyone gone through the application to buy a hand gun?

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You should probably get your significant other to buy the gun. Although, it isn't recommended for people with severe mental illness, because you never know when you are going to have breakdowns and what not. It honestly would all depend on where you live, and what country you are in?

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I'm just assuming you live in the US.  Except for the federal background check and being 21, the requirements for getting a firearm differ from state to state and city to city.  In some places the answer is almost always "NO" (Chicago), other places, say Alabama, you don't even need a library card.  




********************************VIOLENT TRIGGERY STUFF***************************








As far as home protection goes, I'm going to ask the same questions of you that always ask people when they bring up getting a firearm for home defence.  For about the price of a decent shotgun, you can install motion detection lights, alarms that make a lot of noise if someone breaks in, lights that turn on at dusk, and replace the cheap locks on your doors with one that would stop a determined 12 year old.  Also, according to the FBI, most people who break into a home, do so by simply kicking in a door or window.  So I would also ask, have you reinforced your door jam (most are made of a thin piece of pine that almost any grown man could kick in), have reinforced your windows from the inside so that they can't be forced open?  


The biggest and cheapest thing you can do to defend your house, is to make it hard to get into.  If people can't break into your house, you don't need to shoot them.  Also, there are other weapons that can be used very effectively. Close to my door, I have a bottle of mace that comes out like silly string, that way it won't blow back in your face and you can run without worrying about having to breath it in as you are trying to escape (and as its non lethal, you can use it without any moral qualms).  


And here is the real question.  Are you ready to, without hesitation, to end human life in a very violent, nasty way?  Even if you successfully shoot someone down in the middle of your living room, are you going to be able to walk over the spot where you know that their blood soaked into the subflooring beneath the carpet and no amount of scrubbing will get it up. Walking over that spot everyday knowing thats where you killed someone.  Are you prepared to live everyday with the mentality that you are protecting your home with lethal force?  Make no mistake, if you go the firearm route and are honest with yourself and responsible, you will have to be able to answer yes to all of these questions.


Also, firearms are not magical death wands, you will have to devote many hours and days to training and practice before your are proficient with using them.  You can't just wave a gun in the general direction of the "bad guy" and have them disappear as they would on an episode of Star Trek.  The amount of training you have to go through so that you can get to the point that you can get to your weapon, aim it, make sure no friendlies are in line, and shoot, (remember, you will most likely be in a state of high panic due to the brake in) requires a whole lot of devotion.


Having said all of this, I do have firearms in the house.  Two of them, a shot gun and a pistol, are dedicated to killing (make no mistake, firearms have no defencive purpose, just lethal ability) intruders.  Its a lot of work to be a responsible gun owner.  Securing the weapons so only you can get to them, learning to use them in a safe manner (safe as in you only shoot what you intend to hit) the constant training, making sure the people who are in your home often, children, relatives, romantic partners, know how not to kill themselves with a gun, and just having a general state of mindfulness about them is a large burden to assume.  


I have guns and I like them for many reasons.  But getting a gun because you are afraid, I don't think its a good idea, but then most decisions made out of fear are bad decisions.  


If you have anymore firearms question, please feel free to ask.



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For crazy people living in a certain part of CA - (not talking big cities and I don't really know if there is a city/county/state difference). This is just coming from a little research I did because I have 2 crazy family members who were 5150'd.


One of the rules was that 5 years had passed since your 5150. From there, depending on the situation, one might have to get a "note" from a pdoc saying its ok for this person to have a gun or only a certain type.


Personally, I feel very uncomfortable to have someone in the above situation obtain a gun when the reason they were 5150 was because they said they were going to shoot themselves in the head with particular gun. But Im not a judge or pdoc that can make the final decision....it just doesn't sit well with me. 


And like eldorado mentioned - training is of the utmost importance. Have you ever used a gun for practice or hunting animals? (you dont have to answer here). I think knowing everything you can about the gun your purchase, how to clean it, maintain it, store it, etc are all very important.


I know some places offer a classroom style learning about different firearms and would teach you the mechanics of it.


If you have shaky hands due to meds or another ailment I would definitely say don't do it. Hand eye coordination is also important. These things can be discovered in training in a good way for you. And to help you make the best decisions.


Im super big on gun safes. One might not be easy to get to in an emergency. So, that would also be a concern. Even in the slightest chance you had a snoopy friend or curious child come to your house you do not want them to be able to access your gun.


I do not have a gun. My dad had several rifles. I was always confident about his ability. He served in the military for several years and I know he was well trained. As a child we lived in 2 different houses and I couldn't tell you where he kept them because I have no idea.


If you do decide to go through this I hope you will be as honest with yourself and others about any conditions stipulated by the process.



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We have a small dog, who coincidentally sounds like the Tasmanian Devil when aroused. A lot of articles I've read say having a dog is one of the best deterrents for break-ins. It doesn't matter if they are small. The point is, they bring attention to the criminal at a time when s/he doesn't want it, and not so much because they will eat an intruder.


I admit, I really don't like "arms." I have shot rifles a few times, because a bunch of my high school friends were on the riflery (sp?) team. My dad had a rifle for "varmints" when he was growing up in MI, and his family owned land that was largely wilderness; also when he was in the National Guard. But he doesn't like them either. My cousin is actually an anti-handgun lobbyist in DC (don't get on my case, please, we are separate people).


We have bars for our windows and patio door. There have been a lot of burglaries lately, but it seems like they break in when the home owner is not there, and we are ALWAYS here. Burglaries are excessively dangerous, because confrontations escalate quickly, as the odds are a victim is flustered, frightened, and not thinking very clearly. But the confrontation usually never happens if they hear a dog.

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