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I have been looking around to see if anyone else had had any experiences with lithium and appetite type stuff but a lot of the time they are taking a lot of other different meds, so this is a shout out to anyone who's main mood affecting med is lithium (and don't also take antidepressants or mood stabilizers or those munchie causing anti psych's like seroquel or xyprexa at the same time, coz how can you tell if they are the culprits?)


Anyway the issue is I've noticed that I have no interest in what once was my favourite treats- chocolate, icecream, lollies, nutella! I can't even get through a normal 50g bar of chocolate anymore, this is not a bad thing, I'll get used to it but I miss enjoying a choccie. 


I am also having a problem where I do not know what to eat, I can't work out what I feel like eating, and the thought of food seems really undesirable, I wait for ages and dont plan a meal and then end up just eating toast with soup for dinner. But it means I'm not getting enough of the right foods/nutrition. I also am starting to skip meals like breakfast or lunch because I cant decide what to eat, its like I am hungry but really don't like the thought of eating. And I only have an appetite for really plain, savoury things, like cheese and baked beans, or margharita pizza.

I also feel like if I am not eating as much, why am I not getting thinner, I havent weighed myself but my tummy seems puffy, is this bloating or fluid retention? Something to do with craving more savoury foods, I also haven't been drinking enough water.


Anyway I was wondering if other people who's main active medication is lithium are also experiencing changes in the world of appetite and taste and food.


It's unsettling but I'm not upset by it, just intrigued as to if this is the cause.


Oh, and after drinking one glass of red wine- sleepy, almost headachey and cranky. this one makes me sad, the same with other alcohols, I can't get that relaxed tipsy feeling anymore, just nausea or sleepiness.

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lithium did change the way i experience food, too (i'm on other meds, but i remember things changing when i started lithium).  i seem to want bland crunchy food.  mushy food is just.... ugh.  except yogurt.  if i were allowed, i'd live on toast and bagels.


yeah lithium does make you bloaty, too.  i have a belly now that i've never had before - usually when i gain weight it's everywhere but my waist.  lithium likes bellies apparently.  and it doesn't budge, not for me anyway - i've been following pretty much the weight watchers diet and doing moderate exercise and nope, no progress.  i drink 2 liters of water a day plus other drinks though (i get a dehydration headache from the lithium pretty quickly if i don't).


alcohol is just a no-go for me.  i'm hung over before i get drunk, and that's with one glass of wine.  headache and bad nausea and then passing out.  i miss getting drunk for real!  it's been a couple of years now.


so, it's not just you :)

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I live on bagels and toast, too! I knew my taste had changed, but it's funny to see our tastes are so similar.


And lithium was not the first med that did that to me, Depakote did as well. I can't eat shellfish when I am on Depakote, they seem revolting. And I love shellfish.


I think my appetite has been dampened by lithium, because I have lost almost 30 lbs in the last 18 months, and it isn't from dieting. If anything, I wish I had fewer days where I just ate my way through the refrigerator. But overall, my appetite is less.


I think that is the opposite of most people.

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Thanks for your responses! Yeah it seems that the salty, bland ness is a theme with lithium. Might just have to deal with not wanting chocolate, it's bizarre for me to have gone a week with no chocolate! I'm just frustrated at what to eat coz I can't think of things to cook, everything seems to rich or complex, I just want cheezy toast with tomato sauce!

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