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When I was dx as borderline I was working fulltime as a teacher, I've had several years off work and i'm working part time in a nursing home. I'm not seeing anyone any more, I did dbt and had lots of support but now iam starting to struggle with work again (even though I only do 12 hrs a week). I ended up using prn just to go to work recently.

Anyway does anyone have any ideas on what to do? I've forgotten a lot of my dbt maybe I need to revisit it?

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It probably depends on what specific things are bothering you about work.


I have been working on emotion regulation lately, which is really useful to me because it helps me bring my baseline down to a more calm and capable state, so that I am reacting to stressors from a better place.  Distress tolerance is also useful for managing when things come up in the moment.


For example, right now I am working on doing at least one positive/pleasant thing each day, reframing my emotions as a wave/loving my emotions/stepping back from my emotions, eating and sleeping and exercising appropriately, and doing things that make me feel capable and competent.


When things come up, I take a deep breath, relax, try to be mindful of my responses and what prompted them, refocus on the present moment and encourage myself and praise myself for coping.


Is there any way that you could see a therapist again?

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Hmm I dont know, I wouldn't be able to see the one I was seeing because she left when I was discharged but I do see the psych about meds so I could possibly mention to her.

I definitely need to exercise as I got out of the habit,

Thank you for your help, im back at work tuesday so will have to hunt out my files tomorrow to refresh my mind

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