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I don't know if what I have can accurately be called migraines or not.  Years ago I was in a horseback riding accident where I landed on my head.  Even with a helmet on in soft sand it was enough to ring my bell some!  Ever since then I've had problems with my neck.  The bones get out of alignment and sometimes I can feel the tippy top one get out of place causing problems.  My head starts hurting worse and worse if I don't stop it until it's horrible triggering a panic attack. 


When it's in the early, not as painful stage, if I take a good nap I'll almost always wake up pain free and it seems like usually Allieve taken early on can prevent it.  Oh and once the pain got too much, I went sliding into a panic attack, so I went to the ER.  They had a look about them like they were starting to think I was a drug seeker so I told them I didn't care what they gave me or did to me, it didn't have to be "those kind of drugs", as long as the pain stopped!  One of the doctors gave me a local anesthetic, 2 shots in the back of my head, which just numbed my head and neck.  It was so lovely!  Until that moment I didn't realize just how much chronic pain I carry around day to day in my neck and it was such a relief for it to all be gone!! 


I don't see auras or other things I commonly see associated with migraines but the pain is just incredible!!  But every time I try to see a doctor about it I tell them about my neck and they completely dismiss it!  They say that my neck doesn't have anything to do with it and go off talking about other things.  So are these migraines or something else?  Am I just seeing the wrong types of doctors or what?



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I did but he was yet another one who told me that my neck couldn't possibly have anything to do with it plus it's a heck of a drive to get to him so I stopped.  I have major problems going back to doctors that act like that.  I'm an intelligent adult so if they have valid reasons for saying it's not what I think it is I want them to explain it to me.  I don't like when one just dismisses what I say as if I'm too stupid to know anything that's going on in my own body or able to understand an explanation as to why they're right to contradict what I believe.  It's disrespectful and I instantly lose respect and trust in them.

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Migraine is a neurological disorder. Headaches are just the most famous of many symptoms related to Migraine. It has nothing to do with bone or muscular injuries or pinched nerves. You very well could be getting bad headaches as a result of your injury, that is entirely believable.


If you already had migraine, it could be that a neck injury would make it worse. But I have never heard of someone "catching" Migraine. A skeletal/muscle/nerve injury is covered by a different field of medicine than neurology. Maybe a pain specialist, if your pain is bad enough.

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See that's what I was wondering!  I thought what was going on with me was different from an actual migraine but I figured a neurologist would know the difference and tell me.  So much time wasted on asshole doctors sometimes!  If I could only get paid for the pain and suffering and wasted time and effort I've been through with some of them I'd be able to retire in comfort. 

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If its related to your injury then I think you need to take it further. You've already identified the time it all started, and head injuries are pretty nasty things to deal with. You need a doctor/nurse that will take you seriously, it actually amazes me how many people I know that have been complaining about what most docs would consider 'minor' things and then they've pushed it further and had a proper diagnosis. I live in the UK so perusing things like x-rays and MRI scans is difficult but free, I can't imagine how hard it is to get answers in the US or any other country that relies on private health care.


My friends mum was having pain when she went to the loo, docs told her it was internal piles. Three years she experienced it, on and off, until eventually she went to the hospital as she was blocked up and in agony. Turned out she had cancer, docs never even bothered to listen enough to pick it up.


My friend had broken her leg and when she went to the docs they sent her home with some prescription pain killers (ironically just paracetamol under a different name) and she'd broken her leg, but because the break was clean and she could stand on it, and there was very little swelling, the docs thought nothing of it. 


Chronic migraines and head/neck pain after an injury is not normal. Especially if the injury was some time ago and you're still getting them. Is there a possibility that you could have slipped a disk? Or trapped a nerve? 


I wish you luck in your quest for painlessnessness. :)  

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