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Hi, does anybody know if you can take Insidon/Opipramol with Prozac? Right now I take Prozac with a low dose of doxepin and was thinking of trying the Insidon with the Prozac and dropping the doxepin. What would happen if I took all three at the same time? Would I get the urge to start my own cooking show?

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Some people can be on a cocktail of meds that seem surprising to others, or that would even be dangerous for others, yet it works for them as an individual.


You shouldn't be messing with your medication cocktail w/o a specialist's opinion in any case.  If you don't have a pdoc to consult with, I suggest that you work on that first.

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Debbie you need to discuss any med changes with your doctor first as Mirazh has said. There are reasons they put us on and take us off medications.  We may not be aware of these reasons or could have forgotten to tell us.  

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