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I love the rain.help for abilify anxiety.

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hey all,

I'm almost 40 years old now and have been bipolar/schizoaffective

half my life.strange to think about.


I became clinically depressed at 20 and went psychotic for the first time

at 23.I lived in Canada then,went to California in 2004 in a manic state and stayed.


I take celexa ,lamictal and abilify.


I actually just tried to quit abilify.thats why I'm here.I now have bad anxiety again.

I was on 30mg for 6 years.then I slowly weaned down to 5mg,then to nothing a week ago.

I am miserable.

I so wanted to try life on less meds.

its so fucking frustrating.

however,I took 10mg yesterday and will continue on that dose.


well,sitting here listening to the rain and hope to maybe get some feedback

if anyone has been through abilify withdrawal before.


tl;dr:I stopped taking abilify,got horrible anxiety immediately,started taking it again yesterday.




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Welcome to the board!   I'm sorry your anxiety prevented you from getting off the abilify.  I don't have any personal experience at all with that particular med but I believe I know what you're talking about.  I did the same thing with my paxil, tried to wean down off it and could only go so low before the anxiety was unbearable.  If the meds make life a little better then I think it's worth it to continue them but I do know the feeling of wishing you could do without them. 

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Welcome to CB.


It's good to see another Californian around here!  I've lived here all my life, and I can't imagine leaving the Golden State.


Is there a reason you want to come off the Abilify?  Most of us here want to cut down on meds, but if they are working well for your symptoms, there is something to be said for that.  It's a trade-off. 

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never taken abilify, but it reminds me when I tried to go lower and lower on my Celexa. I was on 60mg a day for about 3 years and then decided I only wanted to take 40, and that was okay. After a year of that I went down to 30, and then I tried 20. Well that was a no go. Seems like 30 is where I have to stay. I am only on the one drug thankfully and despite my isues would like to keep it that way. I used to take Effexor when I was a teenager and it made me worse and worse the higher I went in dose and my doctor took me off of it cold turkey for a week so he could start me on the celexa... worst week of my life. Messing arounf with medications is torture. Hope you find your balance soon!

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Welcome to CB! :)


We ask that all new members read the User Agreement, just so you know how we run around here. :)


I have never been off Abilify, but I take 30 mg of Abilify currently. I'm sorry you haven't been able to come off it very easily. Lots of us want to discontinue some of our meds, but it isn't for the best. I hope this new dose works for you. 

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