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Waiting for Sunshine

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Hello!  My name is Heather,  I have been diagnosed Bipolar since 1996.  Have been on all sorts of different meds.  Have been off of meds for periods as well.  I was on Neurontin and it made me high, so I quit taking it, a 3 month supply lasted me 2 years.  Which caused me to hate myself and fall into a deep dark depression.  I attempted Suicide a year ago in August.  Overdosed on sleeping pills, my hubby is jealous because with all I took it just made me a little drowsy.  He takes 1 and he is out like a light.  Any how I was put in partial hospitalization which made me realize this is a disease and I needed help and the fact that my disease wasn't going anywhere and was here to stay.  So since then I have been in regular therapy and have had regular (once a month) visits with my pdoc.  I had a pdoc who wanted to see me only every 3 months and I wasn't stable yet, so I found a different pdoc who has been amazing.  We are still tweaking medications to figure out what will be the right combo for me.  Bipolar runs in my family both parents, 2 sisters and 1 brother all have it.  I have 2 "normal" brothers as well. 

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Welcome to our happy little asylum.  I ask all new members to read the User Agreement, so please do so if you didn't read it when you signed up.


I'm glad you are in therapy and have found a caring pdoc.  Sounds like you are on the right track!



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