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My brain does these... things. For example, I saw a picture of an ICEE (frozen drink) on Facebook. I went back and saw the picture again in a few hours, and I couldn't believe the drink wasn't melted yet. It took me a bit to realize it was just a picture. Stuff like this happens more than it should. Do these things happen to anyone else here, outside of psychosis? Should it get better with meds? My AAP has gotten rid of my psychosis.

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That's pretty bizarre! I have not had this happen to me before. I'm sorry that I can't be a whole lot of help right now, but I'm scouring the internet for information currently. It's pretty specific symptom though, so I'm not sure I'll find anything. I know SZ/SZA can cause problems distinguishing between fantasy and reality. That's all I can think of at the moment. I'll get back to this thread if I find more. :)

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i've had something that might be similar. it's more like a momentary disconnect and not only when psychotic. 


the best example i can give is seeing a photo and something is on the side and i adjust my viewpoint thinking i'll be able to see moreof the thing. like...ok, the fennec fox photo that i use, in this example, i'd move myself to my left thinking i could see what was behind the fox (from the fox's perspective)...like...is there a second fox in line walking?


shit like that.


and then i'm like, derp...photo...it's fixed.


i've also had that blip with seeing mirrors in photos/films and for a minute i'm like...that's not a real mirror because i can't see myself in it--thinking it's part of the plot or somehow meaningful to the photo...and then it's like...duh...mirrors in film/photo aren't "working mirrors" that could mirror me.


unsure if it's the same, but sounds a bit similar and defo happens to me when not psychotic as well.  i don't know how frequently and i adjust reasonably, sorta, well to it i suppose...it doesn't freak me out when not psychotic maybe...which when psychotic i'd have some entire framework for why that's meaningful and a message or blah blah blah, because that's how i am.

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It's like when people tilt to the side when they turn while playing a racing game.

I don't think any of us should feel stupid that this happens as it seems to be normal. People just refer to it as a brain-fart or something. It might just happen to us more because we're used to weird stuff happening a lot of the time.

Also, pictures aren't natural but man-made, so the brain isn't adapted to know that an ICEE in a photo can't melt without some conscious thinking to realize that it's just a photo.

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