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Rozerem experiences?

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Can I get some personal experiences on this? It interests me because I've taken melatonin in the past with mixed results. I see this stuff is very selective to certain melatonin receptor and isn't out there hitting on everything else the actual hormone would. I see there's a lot of mixed success on it with the overall verdict probably leaning closer to unsuccessful. But i from what I tell its one you have to give a week or more to give it a fair shot and I see a lot of people crying foul after only a few days use at most. Can I get some thoughts from folks who gave it a fair run? Did it work? What were the side effects? I'm just not sleeping at the moment...even on remeron. Doc wants me to give traz a shot and i am but I was looking at this as well. Maybe combine it with traz for awhile and drop traz if this stuff truly kicks in?

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