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Pill Combination for Multiple Problems

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Current Meds:

225 effexor XR

80mg Inderal LA  (Once per day in the AM)

20mg Aciphex

Lofibra 134mg

10mg dexidrine TID


Current Conditions:

PLMD, OCD, Aspburgers, Depression, Anxeity, frontal lobe disorder (executive disfunction),  Cronic Migranes, GERD, High Cholestroal, ADD, Allgeries, Problems with cognitive disfunction,

Current Problems:

Extreme daytime fatigue, some ongoing depression, some Anxeity,

Thoughts on possible treatments:

Geodon - for depression, anxeity, and misc non-pschytoic features related to anxeity, and ocd.

Pro's:  Good for misc problems, and may get rid of anxeity and depression, and help with ocd.

Con's: Chances are will make PLMD worse, may make fatigue worse.

Inderal LA - taken at night time - for PLMD

Pro's: May help plmd, and relive some daytime fatigue

Con's: Could make depression worse.  Doesnt do anything for the other problems, like ocd...

any comments are welcome.


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FWIW, I found Geodon to be more effective for OCD than anything other than Zyprexa and Seroquel.  I'd talk to a specialist about possible cardiac side effects before going with it though.

From what I've read of your posts here and on usenet, you sound like someone who could benefit a lot from really busting their butt in therapy.

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