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Boo for latest version of Trend Micro

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I have used Trend Micro computer security for a few years (ever since I was also protecting my kid's computers and a laptop that floats between whoever doesn't have a computer right in front of them.)  It was nothing special, but it did a fairly good job telling everyone not to go to a certain sites or download certain files because they were known to cause trouble and it didn't interfere with other programs too much.  


For any deep cleaning or intensive scanning, you would need better tools.  I had Malwarebytes and Spybot installed on my computer because I do a lot of downloading and go to some sites that are less than reputable to get those downloads.  These last two programs do a great job of getting rid of things that have attached itself to my computer that I didn't want.  It also did a good job of not automatically quarantining and deleting files that looked like trojans, but trojans that hurt my computer.


All was well and good, till I went to install the newest version of Micro Trend.  Before it would install, it insisted that I delete the other two programs first.  After some research it turns out that Micro Trend added this just to cut out competition, as the other two programs do not actually cause problems.  According to Spybot, Mcafee and Kaspersky also employ this tactic.  


Its this sort of dinosaur thinking that leaves these companies vulnerable to getting eaten up by the free and shareware people.  

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