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Diabetes vs bipolar

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Sooo I developed type2 diabetes and got put on medications for it. Since starting those I noticed I am not as irritable which is quite common since mood swings and diabetes are linked. I was dx'ed with cyclothymia about 2 yrs ago and fit the criteria even in my own head. Now the symptoms have changed. I still feel irritable but it's easier to control, I do still freak out but nothing like before. The ups and downs aren't as fast. There is more baseline moods in between. The depressive end doesn't last long but the hypo end happens like clock work ever since teen years. Have any of you non major depressive people just gotten used to living thru the depressive part, like meh I'm depressed but life still goes on type attitude?? I have def symptoms of depression but it's not encompassing like it was before. (I feel like this post isn't making sense and there is no point now). Can someone make sense of this post ?

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My friend's wife is diabetic. Sometimes, he'll call me and be at a complete loss wrt her behavior. My pat answer these days is, "Is she dieting again? How are her blood sugars?" Easily, 90% of the time the problem is her blood sugar being out of whack. Do not underestimate what crazy blood sugars can do to your mood. 

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