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Bipolar II/ADD and GAD ughhhh

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  • I was recently diagnosed with bipolar II and this is the list of meds I take: okay, in the mornings I take 54mg of concerta (ADD) and 15mg of Valium (GAD) around noon I take 300mg mg Wellbutrin and another 15mg of Valium and at 3 pm I take another 54mg of Concerta and then at bedtime I take another 15mg of Valium, 150mg of Lamictal and 30mg of Temazepam to help me sleep
    anyone have any experience with wellbutrin and lamictal working well together?
  • That's Bipolar II by the way
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Are you talking about me? :)  Bipolar, ADHD, GAD right here.


You can see my meds in my signature. I have had good results with Wellbutrin and Lamictal.  (I don't take any benzos for GAD, I have a history of abuse).

How do you feel about your new diagnosis?

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I've been on that combination for several years, and I have been on the wellbutrin almost 25 yrs. They're both good meds, but if this is your first try, you may have your meds tweaked a lot, or even have to change them. It sucks. Sorry if you already knew that.


I also take alprazolam with no difficulty. That is not the "go to" benzo for GAD, but I had bad side-effects with the one that is. I am on the same dose I was 8 (7?) years ago. Benzos aren't for everyone, but I would not be able to function because of the GAD.

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