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Is there anything anyone does to help keep on top of daily things like housework and laundry? Because I know some days are worse than others I tend to try and establish routines that are fairly basic so that on bad days I almost find them comforting because I know if I can at least stick to the routine its not all lost. Of course 7/10 days this doesn't happen and I usually end up sitting feeling like shizzle, too ashamed to even sleep during the day.


On better days I like to throw myself into housework just in case the bad spell lasts longer than anticipated. Mess and clutter makes me feel worse so I figure it helps somewhat. I don't actually know if it does or not but meh.


I also have to write everything down and tick it off as I do it. Makes me feel like I've achieved something during the day, especially if I don't go out.



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Mess and clutter bother me, too.   In fact, the more depressed and anxious I am, the more chaos in my external environment seems to affect me.   


You've got a good start with lists.  Lists are important and you get that feeling of accomplishment when you check a task off as done.  Here's a couple more ideas  (about de-cluttering, not so much about cleaning):


(1)    If I touch something/or pick it up, I only touch it once - and that's to put it where it belongs.    For example, when I "pick up around the house"  I take each item that's sitting on the couch ( for example)  and put it back in the closet, drawer, or shelf where it belongs.       So "touch things only once" is sort of a good rule.     That way,  you're not moving "stuff" from place to place.    It also works for when you walk in the house carrying your keys, phone and coat:  coat gets hung up in the closet, keys hang up in the place where they hang up, and the phone goes where I always keep it.  Better than throwing all three things on a chair!


(2) I rinse dishes right after they're used and put them in the sink.  If they're rinsed, they won't end up with food or coffee stains all stuck to them.  When the sink is full of dishes (usually by evening) I wash them.   I rarely go to bed at night with dirty dishes sitting around. 


(3)  I bought some inexpensive dividers for drawers and have a "junk" drawer with pencils, pens, rubber bands, etc. in each separate compartment.  It's pretty easy to do and things are easier to find when needed.


(4)  Put things that are used together in the same place.  For example, I have a wooden box I got at a rummage sale to hold envelopes, stamps, mailing labels and other postage related items.  


eta:  I will write up some laundry tips later ....  

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I do dishes right away also.  I hate when food sticks to the (bowl or plate or whatever) because it takes forever to clean.


I vacuum about once every 2 weeks, and the dusting I do a little here and there ... but only the places that really collect it more than others.


I keep things pretty picked up ... I put things back in their place right away after using them.


With laundry I only let it pile up to the top of the laundry basket, because if I don't it means more than one load.

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I don't know if what I do "works" but it's what I do.


If I make a schedule or a plan, I will undoubtedly break that plan. Honestly the only time I get anything done is when I'm deliberately putting off something else that I want to do even less. For housecleaning, it usually gets worse and worse till I cant stand it anymore and then I go like a bat out of hell for about a hour cleaning, then I'm done. When I get the urge to clen I really go at it, because it doesn't last long.


Dishes. I pile my dishes in the sink until either 1) I run out of dishes to eat on 2) I need the kitchen sink for something and have to empty it 3) I physically can't fit any more in the sink. Then I unload the dishwasher (because it still has all the clean dishes in it from last week's load that I havn't put away) and re-load it and do a wash. Then I repeat the cycle. Dumb, I know. I always thought once I had a dishwasher that my sink wouldn't be full of dishes anymore. Pfft.


Laundry. I do laundry basically when I run out of something - ie socks, underwear, pants. But Then I usually stockpile socks and underwear so I don't run out so fast. Until I can't get fully dressed, the laundry stays in the basket. Then I do various loads over several days. A lot of the time I never put my laundry away, I just have a clean pile and  dirty pile and rummage around in the clean pile for things to wear.


I'm not exactly a boss at the domestics thing.

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Flameless - I really like the first point about touching things once. I may have to adopt that routine. I know if I put things away after using them then I don't have to feel bad about feeling tired and lazy later. My other half however is a typical 'come home and dump' person. So I usually end up putting his coat, keys and boots away when I get up (he works nights). I'd love to hear the laundry thing, I tend to wait til my basket looks full, or my partner isn't using the machine for his work clothes. 


Melissaw - Dishes drive me crazy so they have to be done in the evening. I hate coming down to dishes from the night before. Occasionally if the drainer is full I will soak big things like pans overnight, but that's usually if my fiancé hasn't bothered to rinse them. 


Crazyfail, my partner does the dishes stacking thing, in some respects we are complete opposites, but I think he's getting better at coping with my cleaning and tidying routine, he doesn't really understand it. He's insisting we get a dishwasher but I know that wont actually cure the problem as when I lived with my parents dishes would be stacked on the side and then you'd have to pile them into the dishwasher! Although I do get sick of washing up by hand I often wonder what it would be like to have one.


Cprcheetah - I used flylady to initially start my cleaning routine. I can't believe how easy the site made it, although once I'd initially done the big clean the dividing things into zones went out the window :-(

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I try to do my own dishes as I dirty them. It only takes a few minutes, and it's a lot easier to do them all up right after I've eaten than to try and face a whole pile of them later. I'm lazy about drying them, though. I tend to let them sit in the drainer.


I do my laundry one day a week, on one or the other of my days off. I've gotten rid of almost all my clothes. I have one good suit, enough business casual work clothes to take me a week, and enough casual clothes for three or four days. It keeps me from getting lazy and ending up with a huge pile of dirty clothes.


I suck at de-cluttering though, and small stuff like dusting or organizing the cupboards. I pick up after myself if I've been working in a general space like the living room, but my own bedroom is a mess. I drag out materials for a project, and then leave them lying around until I'm sick of the clutter or I spill something.

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I tend to do chores in bursts. One day I will do three loads of laundry, and run the dishwasher through twice. Then it gets cluttered, and a week later I will do the same thing. We are in a new house, so we are starting from scratch, which is making this easier for me.


The problem is, we are not fully unpacked from our move, and the remaining boxes have become part of the flora and fauna. I am hoping to work on it when my head stops, and I have a bit of rest.

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We uppacked a lot, but the house is so tiny and there is no storage space so despite being her 12 months we still have a lot of clutter and boxes. There are three cupboards in the kitchen, which is oddly the biggest room in the house, two of those are under the sink so I can't put food in them in case it leaks (which it does do sometimes). There is no shelving in the house at all. I have a bookcase, desk, three cupboards, a table and some weird tv stand, a chest of draws, under the bed and glass cabinet. It's a joke! 


I'm just throwing away everything I can right now in the hopes of not having small piles of things!

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I pretty much do what you described in your first post.  If I'm able, have the energy, and don't have more pressing things to do, I get up and get on the house work.  Often though, when I have the energy, I'm playing catch up to other stuff, such as financial, medical, legal and so on.  I just super lucked out that I have a teenager who absolutely owns the dishes and the garbage.  If I even try to load the dishwasher he gets onto me about how I'm messing it up and just making more work for him (yeah, with his attitude, he get to do just about anything he wants.)  


My father had an expression that every year means more and more to me, "Nail down what you can and let the loose ends drag."

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