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So I'm going out of town this weekend...

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I decided last night after work that I wanted to go "home" for the weekend, to the parent's farm. Only a 2 hr dive away. I do this sometimes.


It's been a long, emotionally intense and physically draining work week. I figured I would be on the road by now but I'm still not dressed yet, of course!

I can't get off the stupid computer. I waste hours and hours on youtube, facebook, this site, etc when I could be out having a good time. I hate that sometimes.


But when I do eventually make it out of the house I plan to listen to music all the way there and sing a bunch, and then take the dog for a long walk in old places I used to go, go visit the walmart that is way huger than ours (I know, I hate the idea of huge corporate walmart but damn I love hanging out there and shopping lol)


I think I will have a nice 24 hrs or so out of town. I love driving!


What is everyone else doing this weekend that will lift their spirits?

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I hope you have a wonderful peaceful weekend!  I know what you mean about hanging out on the computer longer rather then getting moving, I do it almost daily and then realize how much time I've spent playing arround, I think oh well and then go about my day.


It's been really nice here weather wise, so I'm hoping to end up at the lake sometime today!!  Eventually...

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staying inside.

just grateful I am in my home and ok and not in some hospital.

sometimes that is enough.


I romanticize going out,to a cafe or whatever,but I always end up hating it

and wanting desperately to get home fast.


have a beatiful wknd,OP,I used to love road trips with loud music!

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I hope you have a good time. :)

I plan to finish a new necklace I have been working on. It's a new bead stitching technique for me, so there have been a couple false starts, but I think I have the hang of it.

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I tried to PM this to resonance but got an error that said I could not so...

I've seen you're posting a lot about the work being done on the DSM-V and I wonder if you've found anything regarding Depressive PD. My tdoc said it would likely be added but there is some controversy surrounding it and I just wondered if you'd found/read anything about it. Thanks.




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Suman, Resonance hasn't been around for a while. 

You'll almost always find more answers if you make your own post on the appropriate board. I had a quick look for you and it doesn't appear to have been included in the DSM V, but it's hard to tell without having access to a copy of it. 

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