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motor tics...

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A lot of tic disorders are closely related to ADD but won't really show themselves until you start taking a stimulant.  Like ADD, they are more like impulse control disorders rather than anxiety disorders.  That's how my tourette's is.  It's a lot more obvious now that I'm on meds of ADD, but it's really the least of my problems so I leave it untreated.

If they are a problem, a low dose of clonidine or Tenex would be the thing to try.

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well, i've had weird tics since i was a little girl. 

once i got to be an adult i can pretty much control them - as in, i know not to "do" them unless i'm alone.  and i have no verbal tics.

they've always been present, but i am starting to notice them a bit more w/ adderall...  as well as some intrusive thoughts that have always been there but seem to be a bit heightened... 

is it a dopamine thing?  is my stimulant too high or something? 

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