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I feel good and safe and sane tonight. I worked 14 hours yesterday this morning, and I got some sleep when I came home. It's hot as anything here, but the sleep and a good shower really helped. I'm getting my tax situation straightened out too- I sent in my first tax form out of the six I need to finish.


I do have to re-up my meds this week, which means trying to get in to see my p-doc, and I think I don't mesh well with my therapist, so I might have to ask for another one. But right now I'm managing.


The reason I'm writing this is not because I think I'm special or that my experience is so singular. It's because so many posts here are about pain, and trying to stay stable, and dealing with flawed health care systems, and being let down by other people or by our wonky brains. I think that sometimes it's good just to read that someone is doing ok and actually feeling happy. 


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