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Trileptal, Grapefruit and...Pure Lemon Juice (yep)

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Hello Everyone,


I was curious to know if Trileptal can be affected by a large consumption of pure lemon juice (nothing added to it, no sugar or such) I believe grapefruit juice will affect anticonvulsants but what about pure lemon juice? Yes pure and bitter lemon juice.. LOL.


From what I understand grapefruit can inhibit particular liver enzymes that break down some medications...casuing either more or less of certain meds. But...Trileptal is metabolized by the liver through a different route. Sooooooo.....what does this mean? ..Perhaps that Trileptal isn't affected at all by a large consumption of pure lemon juice..?


Upon researching it I am finding conflicting reports.


I basically want to know if consuming pure lemon juice will result in a dramatic increase or dramatic decrease of Trileptal within the body/system.


Anyone know anything about this?


Thanks so much.








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Olga's dr. told her she would have to drink a lot of grapefruit juice for that effect; I think she has grapefruit almost every morning. But I don't think it was about an anti-convulsant. However, grapefruit is prohibited with a lot of different meds.

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