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Hello there

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Hello everyone:


I have been reading crazyboards for a while, finally signed up (a while back) and decided to go ahead and introduce myself.


I was diagnosed with GAD a long time ago, 2004 or 2005 probably. My family doctor put me on Lexapro, which seemed to help, but I was on the prescription assistance program through the manufacturer due to not having insurance, and that ran out after a year, so he switched me to Celexa and Buspar, which worked okay but not great. It was enough to get me through the day  but I didn't feel "right."


Fast forward to 2012, when I finished law school and was studying for the bar exam and couldn't even concentrate due to the stress, and tried to get an appointment with the school's health service psychiatrist. He was booked up a month ahead, so I called around and found a private psychiatrist who would see me on short notice. He prescribed Klonopin to get me through the exam and said to come see him after for a more long term solution.


I went to see him after the exam, but before I got my results, and he kept me on the Celexa but told me he didn't think Buspar was as effective as it was touted to be, so took me off of that. I was still having trouble falling asleep from the anxiety and racing thoughts, so he later prescribed me Remeron. He had to adjust the dosage a few times, but finally settled on 15mg as the right dose, and I've been on that about a year now.


Eventually, he added the Hytrin to address my constant sweating either due to stress or from the Celexa/Remeron combo, and it helps a good bit.


The Klonopin, of course, is a god-send, but I have moderate rebound anxiety/insomnia the day/night after taking a dose, so I have to be careful about taking it too often, and I have to taper off even a single dose. Recently, he changed the Inderal (beta-blocker) to 3x a day (tid), which I'm still experimenting with.


I also see a therapist (licensed professional counselor) about once a month, and I find him to be somewhat helpful, but I'm getting frustrated that it seems like we just talk, and I don't get solutions to my problems. I'm told that therapists are usually less direct with more educated people, which makes sense since after each session, I (over?) analyze what we've gone over.


Anyway, there's my story, and I hope to get to know many of you!

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Welcome to Crazyboards.  I always ask new members to read the User Agreement, so please do so if you haven't done it already.


Lurking is fine---post whenever you feel like it!



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