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I'm crazy too

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Hey all-

My name is Emack and I am in the middle of the USA. I am almost 30 years old.


I have been diagnosed with Bipolar, PTSD, GAD & Borderline Personality Disorder among other physical issues. I have spent the better part of the last ten years in and out of psychiatric hospitals.


Ironically I was also working as a behavioral health technician at several of these psychiatric hospitals before finally being sent to them as a patient. After I would get fired from one hospital for being in the hospital for too long I would go get a job at another and just continue the cycle until there was basically no place left for me to work that I hadnt been a patient yet (also after 30 plus short term stays the doctors finally decided I needed long term care)


I just recently got out of a state psychiatric instiution after being there for a year and am kind of at a loss at what to do. After spending a year of being basically being told what to do when I am finding that its really hard being "free" on the outside.


 Anyway thats me in an nutshell (but not a peanut as I am allergic)



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Emack, welcome to Crazyboards.  It must be a really difficult adjustment to be on your own after being hospitalized for a whole year.  Are you living alone?


I ask all new members to read the User Agreement, unless you read it when you signed on as a member.


I'm glad you are with us and I hope we can offer you some support.



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It has been quite a difficult adjustment. I am currently living in a transitional housing that so far is giving me the support and structure that I definately will take advantage of as I embark on this new venture of living on the "outside" of a hospital. I have been out for almost two weeks and doing okay so far.


I am glad I found a place like this for support also. Thanks for the warm welcome!



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Just noticed your intro thread and wanted to welcome you also.   I think you'll find CB (crazyboards) a great place to "hang out" on the internet.  Good people and good discussions.


I wish you all the best in transitioning to a "free" life; it sounds like you're on your way. 

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