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Stranger sex...(My impulses are outrageous)

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So I will be the first to admit to feed this need to have sex I have met up with complete strangers from websites such as (craigslist). We get together, do our thing, and we depart.I have tried having a boyfriend in the past but I found stranger sex was a lot easier with no strings attached.


Its never, ever enough. I seriously feel sometimes like I cant get enough. Yesterday I met up with 3 different guys for 3 different sexual encounters throughout the day. I would almost call myself a sex addict.


Its like I do this for a week straight and then back off for awhile. Although I tend to cycle into one of my other self destructive behaviors (cutting, binge eating, binge drinking, prescription drug abuse) and it all comes full cycle. It never ends


Does anyone else cycle like this?? Is this a Borderline Thing or more of a Bipolar thing?

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I was doing the stranger sex thing years ago.  I'm not Borderline or Bipolar, but I think it was just to feel connected to someone.  I always felt like crap afterward & the self loathing lead to SI.  So even though I find myself feeling lonely & detached from people now, I know it will be worse if I start that up again.


I hope you can find a way to break the cycle.

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I think a pdoc or tdoc would be best able to tease out whether this is related to BPD or bipolar.  It could certainly be a product of both. 


I could see how difficulties with interpersonal relationships and certain attachment styles would make sex with strangers more satisfying than having a long-term relationship with someone.  On the other hand, mania can lead to similar behavior.


I have some traits of BPD, and I definitely cycle through different self-destructive and impulsive behaviors.  For what it is worth, I have found DBT very helpful in curbing the cycles.

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I do this too. Well I have times where I have a high sex drive and am looking for sex a lot and then long periods of no sex drive and no sex. The only time where I was sleeping with three different guys a night was during a hypomanic episode a couple of years ago. Normally it's not quite so much sex, but a lot of browsing online for it. Sometimes I think I do it to feel less alone. Another reason may be that I don't really know how else to meet people and I don't want a relationship. I was diagnosed borderline in the past, so maybe it's a BPD trait I have. It doesn't seem to be confined to hypomania. Then again, it's not really that abnormal for a gay man in his 20's.

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