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I ran across an awesome lecture describing how a certain kind of cognitive training can help rewire the brain. This training exploits something we all know of very well by now, Neural Plasticity.

It's interesting how she said the negative side effects of medication hampers the outcome of the process though. So in this view, meds are like a crutch.

Also, the the before/after images of the temporal lobe brainwaves were pretty interesting.

Here's the link:

Kind of makes me wonder if all the miswired circuits in our brains require more energy to operate than normal. Thus needing to use greater amounts of neurotransmitters and making it look like an excess of dopamine/ deficiency of glutimate activity is the cause when it could be a side effect of inefficient neural wiring. When all the meds do is starve the circuits so they can't produce their ill effects like they do at full power. So is seems like the problem is not inherently with a neurotransmitter regulation problem but rather faulty wiring which causes the former.

Go science!

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